Department of mechanic
This department consists of two majors of repair and maintenance of car and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in the degree of bachelor and assoociated degree (Technician). This department has several laboratories consist of: auto mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electricity of automobile, non-destroying test, chassis and body of automobile, metallurgy, welding, casting, generation and transmission of power in automobile and refrigeration.
Head of Department: Mr. Marzban Safari
Refrigeration laboratory
The laboratory equipped with the several types of industrial and non-industrials refrigerators and water cooler, and different type of HVAC equipment’s such as air washer, split and automobile HVAC and etc. the students in the courses of refrigerator lab. 1 and 2 learn how to repair and maintain the HVAC and refrigerators equipment.

Hydraulic and pneumatic laboratories
The laboratory equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. Students in this lab. get familiar with the design and installation of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits for different applications such as bus door and hydraulic hammer. In this laboratory students get familiar with the hydraulic and pneumatic operators, sensors, and electrical equipment’s of the hydraulic and pneumatic circuits.

Generation of automobile power, chassis and body laboratory:
In this laboratory, engine, body and suspension system of Pykan, Peugeot 405 and Tondar is using for teaching of this course. Car diagnostic test, turbo charge equipment and supercharge is also explaining for students. In this laboratory students learn to diagnose the problem of the engine and how to solve its problem.

Transmission of automobile power laboratory:
In this laboratory, first student get familiar with the fundamental of the mechanic of fluids such as Ryenolds number, types of the fluids flow, Venturi meters and Orifice meters. After that the fundamental of the manual and automatic gear boxes and clutch is explaining. In this laboratory the courses of laboratory of fluid mechanics and laboratory of transmission of automobile power is holding.

Machinery and welding workshop:
In this laboratory different types of welding equipment such as arc welding and Acetylene gas welding is using for teaching to the students. Working by several equipment such as lathes, milling machines and etc. is teaching in this laboratory.

Casting and heat treatment workshop:
In this workshop furnace and equipment for heat treatment of the metals are provided. Also, casting equipment is provided for teaching the fundamental of casting of the metals.