Learn by doing is the main idea of IRCAST, This idea causes transendenting from traditional model of university. In our model, training is developed from vocational skills, which according to the definition of higher education studies are in accordance with manual activities, toward learning practices. The occurrence of electrical and mechanical engineering departments with complete educational facilities together with departments such as law and management-which are considered as different horizons of human thinking- is also in the direction of this strategy.
In our paradigm, the apprehension about the community and public area’s need to knowledge and updated educational curriculums supersedes the Bureaucracy and the bureaucratic formalities which are the characteristic of classical and traditional universities; our educational curriculums are in accordance with the paradigm of the university of applied science and technology (UAST) which, in their turn, correspond to the educational curriculums of other prestigious and well-ranking universities.
The students do not come to IRCAST for sanctifying scientific theories-that basis of industry or social study-rather they come to put these theories into practice or to get an impression of this theories in their future work environments. IRCAST started its educational activities in 2008 with 135 students and now have 1000 students, 100 teachers and 35 staffs and 6500 graduated in seven departments in associate and bachelor’s degrees.