Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering
In the fields of electrical, control and instrumentation engineering has students.This department has a full-featured workshops, General Electric, industrial Electric and control circuits, electrical machines laboratory, workshop PLC is control and industrial electronics
Head of Department: Dr. Kuomars Sabzvari (Ph.D)

Workshop control circuit
The workshop has five double sets of control panel
The application of this workshop is design and testing of electrical circuits cotrol and power used in Electrical panel factory, water wells, Elevators. In this workshop, the Industrial Electricity and cotrol circuit workshop lessons is formed .


General Electric Workshop
The workshop has five double sets of general electic includes a variety of Lighting electrical circuits, photocell circuit, circuit voice, video and etc.
The application of this set of teaching students to design and implement electrical installations building. In this workshop, the general Electricity workshop lessons is formed.


Laboratory of Electronics and electrical circuits
The workshop has six sets of electronic panel. Each set has the DC power supply and AC, function generator, digital multimeter and oscilloscope .In addition SETS electronic devices such as inductive and resistive capacitive – box, set Primary and Supplementary industrial electronics and is logic circuit lab.
The use of this unit in the design, test and repair of electronic circuits.
In this laboratory courses electric circuits laboratory, fundamentals of electricity, Applied Electronic Laboratory ,general and Industrial electronic, Electric measurement laboratory and logic circuit laboratory is formed.


Laboratory of electrical machines:
A second set of electrical machines and also items such as autotransformer three-phase, three-phase circuit-breaker types, a variety of industrial timers, motor DC, phase control relay and load.
In this workshop, the Laboratory of electrical machines is formed .


PLC Lab.
The Lab. has one set is complete and consists of PLC S7 and Logo Siemens. which contains several modules and control circuits is in factories.
It also has two complete sets of Operators and sensors .
In this lab, students in two Primary-level and medium PLC applications familiar to practically implement the circuit.
application of this laboratory in understanding and Launch control systems and instrumentationare in industries and factories.
In this laboratory, workshop lessons PLC, advanced instruments and sensors lab is formed.

Winding workshop
The workshop is a full-featured windings of electric motors, transformers, armature and also includes a set of tests is motors and transformers.
Application of the workshop on windings repair and design of electrical motors, domestic and industrial. In this workshop, the Winding workshop is formed.