I.T and Distributed System


In the recent decades computing beside the experiment and theory has been changed into third branch of science. The evolution of computations is in such a way that the possibility of their performance on a system and in a local way is very expensive and even impossible. So to solve this problem, distributed systems formed from computers and different sources have been presented. That with distribution of computing on them can get much advantages. The distributed system consists of a number of data centers that presents different services through internet. The importance of information technology and its application in distributed systems has been increased considerably and its growth and development is obvious. It is often said that information technology is the most important factor in increasing development and decreasing expenses.In a distributed system meditation and program writing as the elements of information technology play a basic role in the improvement of using distributed systems. In these systems with an algorithm and a model of writing a suitable program can get the maximum use of sources. The research studies the role of information technology in the distributed systems. Therefore, information technology in the distributed systems is followed by the improvement of using sources.